Mail problems

Sep 26, 2007
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i have an imac 24 inch running 10.6, ipad running 4.3.3, and iphone 4 4.3.3 everything was fine till the other day. mail for mac asked me for my password, and it rejected it. i went and check made sure (though ihave been using the same password for 5 years) still nothing. then i tried to use my phone, also, same thing.. username or password rejected. then i tried it on my ipad as well. same thing. then i went to gmail website, it said something about that my account may have been tampered with and to change my password.. so i did.. now i still get the same thing. also, i deleted my account from my phone and tried to set it up again.. now it says cannot connect to imap, yet i have done nothing to any of my settings and it was working fine 4 days ago. I use gmail and there was never a problem before, and didnt do anything anywhere that would have changed my password. any suggestions?

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