Mail notifier password woes

May 3, 2009
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A few months ago I downloaded and installed the "official" Gmail Notifier for Mac. It works well enough, however every single time I reboot the machine, it "forgets" my password, even though I keep checking the box to store it in the password keychain.

I finally annoyed with having to enter my password over and over, so I downloaded (and purchased) Notify 2 (Notify 2 – An awesome email notifier for Mac OS X. – Vibealicious) and installed that. Again, this works just great, and I love the app, but...

Every time I reboot, it forgets my password.

This is becoming a pattern now, so I'm wondering if there is something about the password keychain that I need to tweak or fix somehow? Or do you think some else is causing it?

I'm completely confused, and could use any help you could offer please.

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