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Feb 4, 2010
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Hello, new to the forum. I am having problems with Mail. I have a cable internet connection, 3 pop mail accounts, 2 mobileMe accounts, and at home have a MBPro 2.4 Gz 3GB Ram, running Snow Leopard over the original install of Leopard. s per instructions from Apple, I installed SL while Leopard was running. I did the exact same thing with my Imac in the study. I have a windows Vista laptop, and I have 5 PC's at my office, running either XP or vista (now that I write this down, it seems I have a lot of computers.)

My problem is that my MBP checks mail and messages are missing. I can go to my IMac and the missing messages are there. As an aside, we had had trouble in the last few months with Mail retrieving multiple copies of messages which was apparently a POP mail thing with MAil and SL. It had to do with a single mail file in Library that was corrupted (the file recorded whether messages had been picked up rom the server or not - and it should always update when it gets messages. It had a 'last updated ' date of months before. A quick move here and there updated the file and we have not had the problem recur) As far as the missing messages on the MBP I have done the following:

1. checked that all my various computers that retrieve mail are leaving a copy of the message on the server and not deleting it at any time
2. confirmed that missing messages are present on multiple other machines - I mean that they are only missing from the MBP, and that their presence on multiple other machines means they are not being removed or deleted from the mail server
3. made sure that all my MBP mail rules are free from any instructions to delete messages under any condition
4.searched my disk for text or subject of the missing mails
5. looked in all mailboxes for the mail
6. temporarily turned off all Mail rules to no avail
7. Temporarily turned off MobileMe sync to no avail.

I should also mention that my wife and I both have Ipod Touch's, and that both touchs receive both POP accounts and MobileMe accounts. There are no missing messages.

Sometimes I swear I see Mail chewing and downloading messages, even get a millisecond of blue bar on the lower right, but then the message view doesn't change. No new messages.

Question: Is this likely to be a software problem on my MBP? Why is my Imac (with an identical software profile and SL installation) not affected?
If it has to do with MobileMe mail sync, why is the Imac working?
Is this a POP mail issue, and the problem is with the mail server? Does anyone have any ideas? THanks. HK

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