Mail App - Cannot sync with Exchange Server - Yosemite X

Dec 31, 2014
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Greetings and Happy New Year to all. I have a particular issue in a customer that is trying to use the mail app under Yosemite X 10.10.1 for the Exchange Server of the company. Going through the steps configuring an Exchange account he receives an error:

"Internet Accounts couldn't log in to the Exchange server " with the user "test". Make sure the email address and password you entered are correct. Then, enter your user name and click Continue."

The customer created me an email account for test purposes. I was able to log in and validate the credentials using Outlook Web Access. With the same credentials I was able to successfully configure an Exchange account using older versions of Mac (Mavericks, Mountain, Snow, Leopard, ect) but with Yosemite X I still receive the same error messages.

Any help? I'm am willing to provide more details if needed.

Best regards,

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