Mail app and outlook question

Aug 8, 2008
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Hi so I recently got a macbook pro and I was always using a pc before that. Well I had my .mac acct on my Outlook on my pc. Now when I added my .mac acct. to the mail app on my macbook pro i'll receive emails, but after awhile it will go and there will be nothing in my inbox. I know it didn't delete because i'll see it when I check it in outlook on my pc.

How can I make it where I get all my message achived in my inbox.I really dont care about checking it on outlook anymore, I will be using my laptop more so I want it all in the mail app.

Maybe its a simple fix, but i'm a super noob with macs-----But I love my macbook pro and dont even turn on my pc anymore.

any help would be appreciated.thanks

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