Mail - accent issue on incoming mail


Jul 21, 2009
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Hi there, I hope this post is in the right spot... Well, I have noticed that all incoming mail I receive where there are words with accent, the accent is replaced by unconventional strings of characters. That happens even with mail I send - whilhe I am writing it, the accents appear just right. But after I send it and open it, I get the same problem. I am running Lion on a Imac 27 pol mid 2011 and my input source is congigured with "US International - PC", so that I can type in Portuguese language. Following is an example of what I am getting, where all the unconventional strings of characters are supposed to be accents (the language is Portuguese).

Parabéns Leandro, Carlinha e Vivi!!

Leandro já esta na fase do dorme pouco e vocês na fase de dormir enquanto pode!!

Já passei por essas fases duas vezes, e hoje a Rafaela com 1 ano e 6 meses nos deixa dormir um pouco mais.

Os prÓximos churrascos vão ter que ter pula pula e animação infantil!!

Thanks a lot in advance for any thoughts/suggestions on how to sort this out.

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