Mackbook flashes grey on boot, then nothing.

Feb 3, 2010
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I've got a mackbook from around 2006. Its been out of use for a while and i have taken it apart a bit, but the hardware should all be fine. ive just been trying to boot it up with an fujitsu 120gb apple hard drive that i believe was working fine with os x last time it was used.

so when i try to boot the computer, i press the power button on the keyboard (which is removed and i just plug it into the socket on the motherboard), the screen flashes grey for a split second, and then nothing. i can hear the hdd spinning away but the screen is blank (not grey or blue, just nothing like its powered off).

aany help getting this thing running would be great, ive been working off a dell netbook for a year and itd be nice to have something resembling a real computer at my disposal. cheers.

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