Macintosh startup problem...

Apr 15, 2007
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Hi to all mac fans.You will excuse me for my bad english, but I need a bit of help in this...

I got from a friend this old PowerBook5300cs, and when i start it up, he is showing the diskette with a question mark inside.I thougted that the hard disk is probably disconected, but he wasn't.I probably need a startup disk for mac or something. I went looking for a os 7.x and found one.And there is a problem.

I own a PC on a Win platform, and the file image for mac startup is System_7.5.3_01of19.smi.bin.I don't know how to burn this image on a PC floppy drive.I tryed with StuffIt and Alladin expander, but nothing.Does someone can explain to me the process of doing this on Win, because there is no Mac's neer mu place.I tried too with some emulators, but i can't find the right one.I will be thankfull to any sugestion.

Greetings, Alexander.

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