Macbook white wont do anything. desperate please help

Apr 1, 2010
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Macbook 2.1Ghz
Hello everybody,

Hope you had a great day. Well i haven't. I have a problem with my white macbook. This morning it worked great (as usual:)). But i got home from university and it just wont start up. White light wont go on, battery lights are good, recharger still working. But no sign of a working macbook. SO i started to get out some screws. I forgot about time and left it on the table. After my work, my dad looked at it. We tried to turn it on with almost all screws out (except the one's in the battery compartment) and it turned on. YEAH. I shutted it off to clean the screen and put the screws back in. But u can guess it wont power up. Tried everything to get it running again, getting all screws (except the one's near the battery) out. Checking battery, power cable. (that seems to be OK). SO my question to you guys is... what can be the problem. Sorry for my bad english, i just miss my mac haha.

Thanks a lot!

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