MacBook Problems

Jan 31, 2010
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Hey guys,

Friday night, I re-installed OS X. I did so because my computer was running pretty slow, and it was a bit cluttered in general. I went all of Saturday and the better part of today with no problems. Then I got a little gray box that told me to restart my Mac, freezing my Mac and giving me no other choice than to hold down the power button to restart it.

I did this, and OS X tried to boot up. It gave me the same message. I got my installation discs, inserted disc one, and it would not boot the disc up. I did a PRAM reset (command, option, P + R), and it actually booted up to my desktop. I thought everything was okay, but it restarted suddenly. It would constantly boot up to my desktop and almost immediately restart. Among one of those times, it actually gave me enough time to load up Disk Utility. I tried to repair, but it restarted. Then when it attempted to restart, I got three short beeps, a long beep, and then a few more short beeps. I turned off my MacBook and left it be for a bit.

I got on another laptop to try to troubleshoot the problem, figuring it was a hardware issue by then. I figured it was either the RAM or power supply, mostly leaning towards the RAM. I tried it again just a moment ago, and it will boot up, so I tried to repair the disk again. It constantly just tries to restart.

Before I try to contact Apple or hit up their store, I was wanting to see if I could get some advice. Can anyone shed some light on my problem? Any and all help is appreciated. Let me know if I need to explain something a little more thoroughly or provide anymore information.

Thanks guys!

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