macbook pro will type fine, but when gaming...

Apr 18, 2015
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When i use my mac to type, its fine.
But as soon as i try to play minecraft or garrys mod or any other game, it messes up.
i've been trying to solve this issue ever since i upgraded to yosemite, but i have never had a problem with running games on here before.

What will happen is il jump in to the game and press 'W' to go forwards. I will then continue to go forwards and i can't stop it.
However in minecraft i can go in to my inventory and it'll stop, but then il clicking w,a,s or d and it won't respond at all.
i've been trying to fix this for a while. since about nov - dec 2014 and i initially thought it was just a mincraft problem, but the solution that would solve that particular bug... doesn't exist anymore due to the launcher doing it automatically. So the files that i would replace aren't even there to replace anymore.
iv messed with the sticky keys options as well and everything is up to date.
forum posts are alittle bit thin on the ground on this topic so any help would really be appreciated. iv been waiting so long to see if this problem has surfaced online yet but as of yet, nothing.



Jun 12, 2011
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Melbourne, Australia and Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
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2021 M1 MacBook Pro 14" macOS 13, iPhone SE 2, iPad 6, Apple Watch SE.
My best guess, the game or mod is not compatible with your OS or the files themselves have become corrupted. You might like to try using Disk Utility to Repair Permissions but in the end you will probably need to download new versions (if they are available).
Doom 3 and Quake 4 no longer run off DVD in Mavericks or Yosemite so even proper retail versions of some games are no longer compatible.

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