MacBook Pro Start Up problems & trackpad prob. Advice???

Feb 19, 2010
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MacbookPro running 10.6.2, 2.8 GHz, 4 GB memory
Hello all,

Thanks for taking a minute to try and help.

I tried to shut down my Macbook Pro (2.8 GHz, 4GBmem, 10.6.2) and my download manager had not completely closed and my computer ended up freezing with just my desktop background showing.

I had to do a hard shutdown (holding in the On button).

Now i'm having problems with startup and the trackpad.

Its taking twice as long to start up now and its behaving weirdly - it will get to where all the icons are on the desktop and the background is showing, and all the icons for the clock, wireless, etc are at the top - the mouse icon will move with the touchpad, but it displays the "busy" swirling icon - which isnt swirling - its like its frozen for over 2 min before it finally goes away and you can actually open files and programs. When it is actually finishes booting up, everything seems to work fine, so I'm mainly concerned about the longer startup time - maybe some files were corrupted or I now have bad sectors on the hard drive???

Also, previous to this incident, I could use the trackpad to zoom in on a webpage using 2 fingers. That won't work anymore. I can use two fingers to scroll up and down in a webpage - that works fine. I havent really had the opportunity to do the other finger gestures (such as rotate, move through a list, etc).

Should I reinstall 10.5 which came with my laptop and then use my Snow leapord disk again to upgrade to 10.6?

When I did the hard shut down, I heard the hard drive arm "click" when the laptop shut off. IN my experience, that sound is never good. (Its like the arm is out over the surfaces of the disk and not "parked" in the resting position and then it clicks when it goes back to the rest position when the laptop turns off).

I really dont want to have to take it to my local apple place, because I"m afraid they'll want to keep it to work on it. I use my laptop more than i watch tv these days so it'll be hard to part with it.

IF I should resinstall, will it wipe my hard drive? (I dont have much technical experience with macs like I had when I used pc's). Are there settings and certain files I would have to back up before reinstalling (such as safari bookmarks, or other personal files)?

Or will my personal files not be disturbed, and the OS will just reinstall over itself from the OS disk?

Thanks again.


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