macbook pro slowing down

Dec 18, 2007
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MACBOOK PRO 2.6ghz 4gb ram
Hi i bought a top of the range mbp around 6 months ago 4gb of ram etc and its starting to slow down quite a lot even opening safari and mail is taking ages when there's nothing else running are there any different way i can speed it up again equivalent of a ms disk clean up etc any routine maintenance i should be doing? Thanks
Nov 23, 2007
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Grimethorpe, South Yorkshire, UK
The only thing I do is repair disk permissions every couple of months or so and is the first thing you should try when you encounter any issues, as it usually clears most of them up.

To do this go to Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility/Then select your HD in the left-hand pane and click 'Repair Disk Permissions' (This will take a few minutes to perform and don't take much gorm of the messages it leaves when it''s finished- tis is normal).

The Mac performs its own daily,weekly and monthly maintenance if you leave it switched on.

You can use an application such as Onyx (Which is free) to perform both of the above and many other tasks (Like emptying caches etc.) whenever you like.

Get Onyx here:-

If you have not restarted your Mac in a long time, it may be worthwhile doing so, as this sometimes clears issues up too.

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