Macbook Pro In Korean Elementary School

Mar 10, 2010
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:\I'm am living in Korea at the moment and i'm in a far-back country area working at a teacher. I have a macbook pro and i'm trying to connect to the internet via both airport and ethernet.

There is only wifi in the libirary and there isn't supposed to be a password for it. In network diagnostics it says that it connected and has a self-assigned IP address but the network status displays that the airport, airport settings, and network setting are connected but the ISP, Internet and Server are all red and have failed as subtext. So i can't connect to the internet with either firefox or safari. I've checked the firewall and it says that its allowing all incoming connections.

Next is the ethernet. This is what i've been trying to use at my house. Its connected to the schools internet. I have the IP address, the subrouter mask and the router information. The network says that it's authenticated but network status says that it has all but the internet and server connected so i still have no internet.

I'm wondering if there is a secret password that they are unaware of or it's something else. It might be because the computer is a mac and its in english since all the other computers here are in Korean. I've tried to change that too but really, i can't read Korean so its sort of useless for me to try that too.

Oh and last thing. I've been able to use my mac in korea successfully before. When i was at the universities in Korea both in Jochiwan and Jeonju it worked fine.

If there are any suggestions that would be awesome!

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