Macbook pro gaming slowing down

Sep 9, 2011
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I searched the web about 2 hours trying to find any solution or what i am doing wrong.
I like to play games on my mac now and then. my mac supports enough for me, i know its limitations. But my problem is this. I have a game called Trine, i played it yesterday for a couple of hours, it was good. no lagging or anything. but today i tried again and it was freakish! this happened to me before and i reinstalled my os because i couldnt find any answer and it got better. it was about 2 months ago and it started again.
I have a 2010 macbook pro with 4 gb ram 450gb hdd (currently 400 is free) and intel hd graphics with 512 and nvidiva 330m with 288 vram.

is something working wrong? or is it something else?
ps; my mac has been open for about 3 days today. a little bit hot (52 C). is it because of that?
i dont think it is because as i said, i had this problem before. before reinstalling my os. I though that this was because it was open all the time so i tried closing it for a day and opening it but i remember this happening again.
any thoughts? any suggestions?

Thank you

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