!!! Macbook Pro A1150 Graphic Problems (help needed quick please)!!!

Nov 7, 2011
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Need some help trying to figure out whats wrong with a friends Mac theres a few but the one i cant figure out is the screen i think the inverter has gone, the screen randomly goes blank but you can still see the faint black graphics, however this is fixed just by shuting the the Mac down and restarting, but the mac gets random pixels on screen there hard to describe ive never come across this before i just need help to see whether these are down to the graphics card, the screen cable or the inverter (which i thinks gone anyway).

Thank you

P.s sorry about the Picture Quality taken by phone and was dark ill upload new ones when i can the clear is a screen shot of what should look like and the Display Photo rough of what it does and the one with the hand has "dancing pixels" along it.. thanks again

oh its running Mac Os x Tiger 10.4.(6 i think)




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