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Macbook pro 13 for DSLR video editing

Nov 23, 2011
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Hi all,

I have a problem. I am a cinematographer and i am shooting movies and videos on DSLR. I have to buy new laptop for editing, but i dont know which one. I really want macbook pro 13, i ahve a lot of friends which have this ntb and they edit dslr video there and they said its ok. But i tried it on macbook pro2009 and it was too slowly and there was no real time view...so, here is my question: is macbook pro 2011 really faster and is possible to edit dslr video there in real time or i have to buy dell (please, say its possible :D)

Thanks to replies.


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Jan 23, 2008
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Keller, Texas
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The new MacBook Pro machines are very fast. However, for doing any kind of intensive editing, in my opinion the 15" MacBook Pro with discrete graphics would probably be much better. It's more expensive though.

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