Macbook HD Question

Jun 8, 2009
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So I noticed some dust by my hard drive and I tried to get it out. It got stuck on the thing you use to pull the HD out. I shouldn't have tried pulling on it but I did and it didn't come out. I think you might have to unscrew it but I didn't want to I just wanted to get the dust out. So I took a pen and broke off the and tried to get it out with a metal part of the pen. I don't believe it scratched the HD but now i'm scared that it did. I then took a piece of paper and used the edges to get most of the dust out. My computer is working fine so is my HD alright? What should I do in the future if I notice dust? Also I noticed this little grey piece of rubber by my Macbook and I think its from the part that you take off to get to the battery and HD. Do you know where the piece of rubber came from and also do I need it? Thanks. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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