MacBook display issues odyssey

Feb 20, 2010
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A couple of weeks ago my black Macbook core 2 duo screen totally crapper out on me. I could see the screen if I shined a flashlight on it. To the suggestion of many I replaced the inverter. No dice. Same problems. So after much research I bit the bullet and purchased a new LCD. After installing I turned the computer back on and success!...sort of.

Now my display is looking like a champ, good as new, BUT my battery will not charge and Bluetooth is "not available". Battery indicator in the menubar reads "not charging".

Now before you click reply, I have done all the usual suspect resets (PRAM, SMU, etc) and the battery is NOT depleted. I replaced it in the last 6 months and it has very few cycles on it. That is not the issue. What my gut tells me is that I connected something poorly on the rebuild. What I'm trying to ascertain is what would effect both the battery not charging and the Bluetooth. If anyone could help me out before I take the computer apart yet again I would be eternally grateful. Thanks!

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