Macbook Air Hinge Problem, what to do?

Feb 11, 2010
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I have a first generation MBA, it's nearly 2 years old and so is out of warranty. I need it for my university work and use it for at least 5 hours/day.

Anyway, last week the hinge started cracking (the plastic bit right underneath the screen). The hinge is now completely broken and the screen won't stay up unsupported. I checked on the internet and found it was a major defect with the MBA and that Apple had responded and accepted the defect (Troubleshooting MacBook Air hinges).

I bought my MBA into my local store and the genius said that due to a small dent on outer shell of the top corner of the screen, they wouldn't repair it and I'd need to pay for the entire new screen assembly unit at a cost of £350 (about $650). I tried explaining that I use it a **** of a lot and it was just something that happened about a year ago during normal use but he still said they wouldn't repair it eventhough the issue is unrelated.

Any ideas on what I can do? I'm so annoyed that this little dent is going to cost me so much money. :Shouting:

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