mac -> windows printer problems yet again



hey there,

I have noticed this thread crop up in alot of forums so im sorry if people are getting annoyed with it. However Im running mac os 9.2.2, on my imac, in my house I have a network of computers which are all windows ME based, and they all including my mac share the 600k internet connection fine, I plugged in my mac and it just seem to connect to the network (internet) with no problems at all. we also have a laserjer printer on the main computer which all the other computers share, except my imac which seems pretty hard to configure. I go into the printing center on my imac, and it just asks about appletalk and USB printer sharing, it's alot more difficult to like add a printer on my imac, where as on a PC you just browse and easily find the printer/drivers on the network....I have only just started to get use to my imac, and what it can do...can anyone help me? also if I need to elaborate more just say ;)



P.S if anyone has a quick soloution and can e-mail me directly please feel free to do so at - [email protected]


well i cant say forsure but i know for sure you need to enable appletalk that is where you will find the printer over the is the printer connected to the pc computer or is it plugged into the network...if its plugged into the network via cat5 then it should show up in the appletalk but if its connected to the pc your going to be pulling you hair out a bit. your probably going to be looking for a application to be able to send the jobs to the PC to sorta make it act like a rip. if not there should also be an option to print to ip if you know the ip of your printer you could set it up that way then it will ask for the printer description...if you cant find the printer description file you may need to download it...i hope i have helped you out...but perhaps another excellent mac guru can add to my post


If the printer is connected to a computer and not the network (via a switch or router) you are not going to be able to print to it under OS 9.2.2. I have an IMAC that came with 10.1.5 and is networked to a PC running XP with the printer attached to the PC. I was unable to print to the printer until I upgraded to Panther. Panther contains software known as gimp print that will allow you to print through the PC to the printer. Even with Panther it is not very straight forward on how to setup the printer. There are a few web sites out there that have the information on how to set it up. I will say this Panther was worth the money in my opinion.



I've had the same problem...

I can transfer files between my macs over the local PC net as if the icky win-doze thingies arent' even there... but no HP Printer in my chooser... Also, It might help if I could find a driver on my mac that would talk to the printer from the mac. That way it might work directly, but no such luck.

I had an Epson stylus that was mac compatible, but that was only any good at the gun range. :tusks:

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