Mac Virus!?

Sep 10, 2008
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I have a weird problem with one particular drive.

I double click to open it and all the icons disappear from the desktop briefly and then reappear but the drive remains closed. I try and access it from a network - same thing. Disk utilities and disk warrior report no problem, but when I try and preview the drive in DW and same thing. So I try and clone the file I want to another drive. As soon as I do this the other drive displays the same problem! Same disc different Mac, same problem.

So I take the drive out and stick it in a PC with macdrive. It opens no problem. Now...get this... I try and look at the drive from another Mac across the network while it's in the PC, and everything disappears and reappears again without opening the drive!

I hardly dare utter the word.....but is this a virus? I tried scanning the drive with Antivirus but it crashed the programme!

The drives are HFS extended, one is originally from a G5 with 10.4 system on it and the other is from an Intel Macpro with 10.5 system files on.

When this happened it was on a Macpro running 10.4.11
Oct 22, 2007
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Mac Mini Core i7 2012 | White 2009 MacBook 2 Ghz | 733 Mhz G4 Quicksilver
It sounds like something on there is crashing the finder, since its managing to it to all macs

your best bet is to try and get the files you want off that drive using the PC, but don't clone the drive, you will just copy whatever problem files over (probably hidden files anyway). Reformat the drive and start over.

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