Mac unable to see network drives



Hello, I am in need of rescue here. We have an network of about 70 PCs, two of them are MACIntosh running OS X. I have set up a wireless access point that connects (via wireless NIC) 7 of the PCs including one of the MACs.
My problem is all my PCs are connected fine, to the server, network drives, shared printers, Internet, no problems. The MAC, however, can only surf Internet, but no connection to the server and can't see the network drives, It can print to a network printer though. I have made changes to the SMB configurations but whether I was right or wrong, it didn't solve anything.

I am sharing the network drives from a Win NT Server 4.0 Everyone else can see the drives, so I think sharing from the server's point of view is working fine. But I do let me know if there any further configurations I need to make on the server.

The other big problem is that I am not the most familiar MAC user. Please help advise. I really need help on this one. Please.


Is the issue only w/ the Mac connected wirelessly, or w/ both Macs?
Have you gone into the Finder and selected Go->Connect to Server? I know that's kind of a basic question, but that's the first thing I would do.

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