mac to mac network

Oct 28, 2011
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on one hand i have an emac (10.4.11) on the other a macbook(10.5.8). When i connect from emac to macbook i have an option of what i would like to mount: public folder, Macintosh HD, or Johnny, my user account (not sure if that's what it's called. its just the place where all my stuff is). Okay so i mount one of the latter two, "mac HD" or "Johnny", and from there i can access my itunes music and transfer tunes no prob.
The problem comes when i try to access my emac from my macbook. When i connect there is no option of what to mount (mac hd, johnny, etc). There is only a dropbox... and i can't even get into that ("you don't have sufficient privelages.etc). So my question is what do i do? how can i bypass this? or change it completely. I've seen a little bit out there on the www. about how to delete drop box.. what's that all about? anyway i'm just new to the whole networking bit. i have also been trying to tinker with terminal as well... which i know nothing about. I don't even know about basic programming. So if you have any good leads on how to learn the basics of terminal and all that jazz i'd be very thankful.

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