Mac Pro Startup Issues

Nov 2, 2007
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Mac Pro 2 x 2.66 Dual Core Xeon 5G RAM 10.5.8
Hi all,

I hope this is the right place to post this, sorry i'm a bit of a forum noob.

I have a MacPro 2x2.66 Dual Core Intel Xeon with 5G RAM Running 10.5.8

When i start up i get the Spinning Ball of Doom and my Desktop picture and my drive icons but no dock and no top menu bar, cant do anything at all with it apart from restart with the power button - then it comes to life, my dock is there and the menu is back, often there will be a few strange things graphically, like little bits missing out of the desktop picture or the icon names being fuzzy, but i can then restart from the menu and then eveything is fine after that - i can shutdown and restart all day long with out the problem occurring. But when i shutdown overnight the problem is back in the morning - i believe this maybe a big clue to the problem?

I have started up from a previously cloned drive and repaired the system disk (which checks out fine, no problems reported) and i regularly repair permissions. when the problem started i was on 10.5.6 but i have done the updates to see if that made any difference, but no change.

My next step would be a total wipe and start from scratch which i'm willing to do but would rather not if its not necessary as it will take aaaaaages for me to reauthorise alot of my software.

Anyone seen anything like this before??



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