MAC OSX joining a WINDOWS 2000 Domain?



Im totally new to MACs (always been a Windows admin) and our company needed a new G5 for some artists. Please help me on how to make the machine join the domain and get mail? Do I need to run IPX or is it fine on TCP/IP? Please help with detailed instructions. Thanks guys.


if your running a windows 2000 domain you should have to do anything but turn on file and print sharing for both machines...(mac and pc) by default the windows 2000 domain is WORKGROUP or should be unless you have specified a certain one...if you do have that then you need to tell the mac which domain to not sure..but a simple google search will bring that up for you. the mac either way shouldnt have any issues connecting to the PC a simple Apple + k will bring up the connection screen and then just type in the corrisponding ip address of the computer you want.
for the pc side aslong as you have the 2 machines working on the same domain then all you have to do is go to network neighbourhood and you should see it as a local computer...if not tour threw the network neightbourhood and you should be able to find it. mac networking is simple...its just the pc side that cause's the issues..

hope this helps...if you need any more detailed info write back with an update of how your doing ...cheers ! :)

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