mac OSX 10.9.5 problem with disk order in root

Oct 22, 2014
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hi guys
I ran disk order app in root mode to be able to delete files also on my NTFS partition(it is part of my HDD in mackbook) as i could only do this via Finder(via macfuse and 3rd party driver to write to NTFS) however even when disk order is in root mode it is not able to delete or copy files to that ntfs partitition. any idea why ? this is output from terminal when i try to delete file:::

2014-10-22 20:10:38.887 Disk Order[1417:507] setSelected 1
2014-10-22 20:10:48.216 Disk Order[1417:507] -[NSProgressIndicator setAnimationDelay:] is deprecated. i know what this means now it is progress of file being deleted stoped so nothing helpful but if someone know how to enable disk order to be able to write to NTFS
2014-10-22 20:10:48.232 Disk Order[1417:c707] ==Here!

thanks for ideas B
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