**Mac OS X to Quark 4.1 Spooling Problem**



With the introduction of the latest OS X to our studio I'm having a world of problems getting eps docs printed from within Quark 4.1 when running in classic mode. The docs go through the motion of spooling then disappear off into the ether never to output a printed page. I get no error message the page simply does not print.

I had been told that this is a problem with OS X which would be resolved when quark 6 is launched and runs native to X. But that it could be gotten round by directly printing to the printer (Printing in the foreground). Unfortunatly this has not worked either. The printers I am using are both QMS, one being a 6110 the other a 2060. All with the most current descriptions and all printing without error through OS X.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!


When you go to print and the menu pops up, be sure to select the 'PRINTER...' [bottom left] and ensure all the settings are correct, as well as all the main settings.

If making PS files it prompts you for a destination to save to here, or just select "PRINT" to get back to the menu once finished. PRINT and you should be away!

I've noticed without the 'PRINTER...' selection, jobs just seem to print in quark but nothing comes out the other end.

You may find all the past print job notes in the 'OS9 Desktop folder'?

hope that's of some use


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