Mac OS X Installation from disk freezing, pls help!

Apr 13, 2007
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Until a few days ago I was running Tiger on my iBook G4 800mhz, but after having some problems when it would not boot I decided to go for a clean install - and only had orig Panther disks to hand.

I ran Hardware test first and there was an error msg coming up for the hard drive (25TF/8/3: ATA-100 ata -6- Master). It booted fine from the Panther disk and in Disk Utility I tried to repair disks - when it said they were not repairable I erased them and tried to continue by reinstalling Panther. Now it is just getting stuck at the "reading packages" stage in the installer and I don't know what to do! The machine has 640MB of RAM so that shouldn't be the problem.

I'm gutted as I just had to ditch my old G3 after it died very suddenly. Is it me?! Any help gratefully received.


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