Mac Mini graphics upgrade

Sep 28, 2011
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1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1 GiB RAM, 80 GiB hard drive, Intel GMA 950, SuperDrive
I know it's not technically possible, as the graphics chipset is soldered onto the main board and there are no expansion slots. However, I've been hearing some buzz lately about an external graphics card solution. The guys on the Vergecast (This Is My Next podcast) were talking about something like a laptop dock, which would plug into a lightweight laptop and "take over" handling 3D graphics for the machine.

I have an older Mac Mini with the GMA 950, and this sounds like a cool upgrade - if it's compatible, that is, and if it's less expensive than upgrading to a new Mini outright. I don't need better graphics, but it would be nice to boot into Windows once in a while and play Skyrim!

Heard any rumours about something like this, or any other suggestions?

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