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Sep 6, 2014
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Hi There

I tried to install a Hard Drive on an Early 2009 Mac Mini.

When I was detaching the antenna's I used a little too much pull and one of the antenna came away from the wire. It was the antenna with code 1513389-1 rev5 which I believe to be the left WLAN antenna.

It looks like the wire could be soldered back however I have never soldered anything like this before and am nervous to try.

My questions are.

If i got a solder iron will the original solder on the antenna melt? or will i need to add my own solder?
Is there an alternative to soldering it? Could i tape it in place or is there any electronic glue that can be used.
If I did not solder the antenna back and left it out. Would it cause me much bother. I have never heard of left and right WLAN before. This particular machine is usually ethernet connected so I wonder I should just leave it but I just wonder if it would cause other problems elsewhere. Please forgive my ignorance when it comes to this sort of stuff.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.



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Jan 23, 2008
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You should be able to solder the wire back on with a low wattage soldering iron. (25W) Just melt a small amount of solder on the antenna and then do the same to the wire. Hold the wire in place on the antenna and heat the contact point with the iron. The solder will melt and flow and wire should stay on the antenna. You can probably find plenty of YouTube instructional videos on how to solder. Go for it. :)

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