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Jun 15, 2007
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Don't know where to put this so here goes. I had my mac mini registered with my daughters Amazon account for about 6-8 months to check out ebooks to see if it was something I wanted to get into. Didn't like reading on my mac mini and bought an iPad 2 for reading among other reasons and have now have a Kindle Touch on pre-order. I love ebooks. I decided to de-register my mac mini and re-register to my Amazon account. I also downloaded Calibre. My mac mini is running OS 10.5.8 which seems to be too old for the Kindle app on Apple. Anyway so far I have not figured out how to re-register my mac mini to my Amazon account and will not do the same with my iPad 2 until I'm sure I can get both registered to my Amazon account. I need some simple steps to help me get it on my Amazon account, thanks. I'm so not tech savvy.
Oct 10, 2004
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Go to and log into your account. Since you can't use the Kindle App on the Mac Mini you I don't need to "register" the machine. You can look in your Amazon kindle acct and see if there is anything else you need to do but only my machines that are running the kindle app (i.e NOT my iMac) are registered to my kindle acct. That's about it.

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