Mac Mini - 4k Screen resolution problem

Apr 1, 2015
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Hello. I have not been able to resolve a problem that is becoming a pain. I have a Mac Mini, and run a Dell P2816Q 4k monitor. Everything was fine until a couple months ago when a new OS X update came out. Now, when I wake up the system, I can only read the right side of the Menu Bar, and the left side is blanked out unless I click on the command, and it will light up. If I expand a window to full screen, and move the pointer to the top, the Menu bar will drop down, and it has full color, and I can see all of the commands. When I go to Netflix or Youtube, window-sized video is clear, when I switch to full screen, it is RGB-level digitized. I looked up different apple and dell computers to the monitor, and they all appear just fine. I hooked the Mac Mini to another monitor, and the problem is still occurring. Before the OS X update, all was running perfectly. I can supply screen shots, but I want to know where the issue lies. I believe it is just with a resolution setting on the Mac, but I have not been able to fix anything yet. I see some previous posts that show the video problem, but no solution.

Is there something I can do, or do I need to take it to apple?



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