Mac Files ( Yosemite ) Network Share with Windows XP

Oct 26, 2014
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I have a combination of Win7 - XP & Apple macbook machines, running on my windows network. I have created a "Workgroup" not a Domain

The macbook up and till recently had Mavericks 10.9.5 OS X ,, a few days ago I upgraded the macbook to OS X Yosemite.

With upgrades you do get the odd thing going wrong but I have managed t resolve all but one problem in that I can no longer see any of the macbook-shared folders within the XP network icon.

I can see them and login to them via the Win 7 machines network icon, but I can not see any of the mac folders ( or drive ) within XP …

I therefore have to do the following :-

Start - Run

Then type the path to the macbook folder .. a login prompt and password appears but when I put in the user and password ,, the login re-appears but first with my XP machine user name back slash and the macbook user with password .. reappearing again and again after trying to login.

I can though WinSCP from my XP to the macbook using the same login credentials

But I just can not get past this XP to macbook network access – I can however login from the macbook to the XP machines network drives and folders.

The Apple macbook is routed via the Airport Extreme Router which might explain the added complication the XP machine has to now deal with along with the Mac's Yosemite upgrade.

The Win 7 machines are all routed via my buffalo router.

Does anybody have any solutions to this as I have come up stuck here

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