Mac compatible with PeeCee component?




I'm going to buy my first Mac in a month or so. This is my first Mac so I don't know anything about it's component... btw, I have experienced with *nix thing so software problems wont' be my problems :)

The question is, how compatible is it between G5 and PC component?

I have a lot of RAM here, about 2GB of DDR400, they all run really good at 200MHz (DDR400)...

I also have a ATi Radeon9800 Pro here, with my PC.

And one extra 120GB SATA HDD I use in my PC as a backup HDD.

Can I use them with my new G5? I don't have much money to buy a Mac with all those extra... If I can use my R9800 Pro and those 2GB of RAM, I'll get a Dual 2GHz G5 with 512MB RAM and a FX5000 Ultra, if not, I'll get single 1.6GHz with 1GB or RAM and a R9600Pro. That FX5200 Ultra maybe I'll sell it or make it a nice room decoration :D

The HDD, I hope it will compatible with the Mac.

Lastly, what PC component I can use with Mac system?

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