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Our art department has several G4s and G5s running OS X 10.2.8 and have a new art server which is running Windows 2003. There has been a problem when they save a change to a file within any folder on the server using Photoshop or Quark). They wouldn't be able to delete the folder or open the files. There is a .ds-store file with the folders that the server creates. Someone from our IT department had to go in and reset the permissions. It's working for now but this seems to happen quite often. Does anyone else know of problems like this between OS X 10.2.8 and a Windows 2003 server? How can we go about fixing this?

Also, when migrating from an older server to this new one - all of the Photoshop files lost their thumbnail previews. Is there any way to restore this? Sorry if this is posted in the wrong thread.
Dec 15, 2003
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windows hd formats do not support permissions


Some things to check

Windows Server 2003 is far more complex than Nt4, and it's permission set is harder to understand, complicated by the fact that few IT geeks understand it well enough to sort out problems.
Issue 1: "Disappearing" permissions. Not really. More likely, you have someone modifing permissions on a folder, then clicking apply. If they know not what they do, this will cause the new permissions to cascade down, erasing the old permissions. Additionally, the friendly folks in IT may not have the permissions setup correctly in the first place (see the connecting to a Win2k3 fileserver thread)
Issue 2: stumped.

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