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Nov 25, 2006
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I know when I made the switch from windows to the Mac this winter I had a few questions about how I would get things done on the Mac. I wanted to start a thread that would show an app by app list of Mac vs. PC software. This is by no means the only apps out there, and I hope that others will add to the list.

Mail vs. Outlook
Also you can use the host of web based mail programs, but Google mail is nice because you can get a google mail widget.

Web browser:
Safari vs. Internet explorer.
You can also get firefox, camino, and a host of other web browsers.

iChat vs MSN Messenger
I would recommend Adium, because iChat really only works with other Mac users. There is also MSN Messenger for Mac, but it doesn't support video. I use Skype for video.

Quicktime vs. Windows Media Player
There is a Windows Media Player for Mac also, and flip4mac. These are all I've used I'm sure there are more.

Zipped files:
Stuffit expander vs. Winzip

DVD back-up:
Mac the ripper Handbrake vs. DVD Shrink, Any DVD (many others)

Cyberduck vs. Windows FTP's (i don't really know any, sorry).

These are just a few of the basics, and don't include many of the apps that are on both platforms, MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, World of Warcraft (personal favorite), and google earth. The list can go on for days, and I hope others will post what they use, and the programs I forgot. PLEASE POST A LINK to the mac version so it's easy to look at.
Feb 13, 2005
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New Orleans, LA, USA
Your Mac's Specs
13" Macbook Pro 2.26Ghz Unibody 4G RAM 160G HDD Superdrive
QTmateur provides full screen support for video without the $30 for QT Pro.

VLC provides video playback of just about everything, and does the DVD playing (alledgedly region free as well.)

Audacity will handle most audio editing needs, and is simpler than GarageBand while being pretty powerful at the same time. It does have a rather non-maclike interface though.

aMSN now has a version that will do MS messenger stuff with video, but I haven't tested it with my co-worker that uses MSN with her webcam, so not sure if it really works.

Can't forget Thunderbird which has a Mac OS X version, but is pretty good right out of the box.

I could think of a few more, give me a few days.

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