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My PowerBook connects to the internet by the Airport Extreme Base Station, and sometimes when I'm not doing anything that needs the internet, the 3 lights on the base station flash continuesly, so i checked Activity Monitor, and there is about 20KB/s data in/sec, and 20KB/s data out/sec.

I thought it could be someone i dont know connecting to the base station with wireless network card, so I connected the router directly to my PowerBook, and the data stopped coming in and going out.

Is this normal when using the AEBS, or is someone using my internet?! The base station has a password on it, and the network has WPA Personal security on it, so I thought that would stop anyone using it.

Any ideas?
Apr 9, 2004
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Your Mac's Specs
15" MBP 2.16GHz ^ATI Radeon X1600 256MB ^100GB @ 7200 rpm ^2GB RAM ^Glossy Screen +iPod 4G 20 gigs
Ur best bet would be trying to see what app is using the net by using a nifty program called "Little Snitch"

If no app is using the net from ur computer, and the data is still transferring, then I guess u should just change ur wireless access password.

Hope that helps.

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