Lost iPhoto and other apps on my iMac.. help!

Nov 6, 2011
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My grandpa passed away a few weeks ago, and he left his iMac to me in the will. I know he had Garage Band, iPhoto, and all that good stuff on the comp because I had to back up all of his files and I saw it all there. He did not, however, leave any password details in his will, so the guys at Apple told me all I had to do was re-install the software and start over. Easy, right? Wrong :(

So I have like 20 discs that grandpa left. I've weeded out the OS 9 discs, and have the following: OS X "Upgrade CD" (White disc with big blue "X" on it), four gray "Software Restore" discs (labeled 1 thru 4), a gray Applications disc, and then 2 gray "Mac OS X Install" discs.

I decided to use the Mac OS X Install discs to start with. So I put the first one in and everything seems to be working. HOWEVER, the computer no longer has Garage Band, iPhoto, or even the App Store on the computer! When I put in the second disc, it did nothing. When I put in the "Applications" disc, all the computer did was spit it back out at me.

Can someone please tell me what I should do, or which of these discs to use, to restore the original software back onto the computer? Many thanks!!

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