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Lost in Translation?



I've heard lost in translation is a really good movie. bill murray is amazing....but...I haven't been able to see it yet...I think it might still be in theatres..but I'm not compeltely sure.... Has anyone here seen it...?...was it good?

alright then....you should definently watch logan's run if you haven't...and old movie...but a "good" one.
Jan 15, 2003
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Whangarei, New Zealand
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Yeah I saw it yesterday (although I'm in NZ so I don't know if it's still showing there). Bill Murry does do a great job... it's not one of my favourite movies but it's worth watching nevertheless.


Well, I ended up seeing it, and I loved it..good movie. It does go kind of slow..but that's because it emphasizes on senary and images...it's definenlty more of an art film that anything else.



When I rate this movie which I just finished watching a few mins ago. I gave Story B-,Acting B,Direction B+,Visals B+,however,the overall rate I only gave it a C. The reason I did it beucz of the theme of the movie...The story might be realistic,however I hate that. It made me realli upset and frustrated by viewing it and thinking about what is happening on the screen.What i am trying to say may be complicated and unacceptable. I mean I hate the story alot. It's nothing actually,but somebody is trying to make it a big event. The director shot a nice-looking movie,but it is empty inside. So faking,so ambiguous. Lonely people plus a lil bit horny perhaps,sorta desire for excitement can set them on fire and unfaithful disbelief about their own lives which they are supposed to be happy for. It's true in some ways,however it insults love and all. If two of them felt they love each other,why didn't they just break all the rules and be together? Cuz they wanna stay faithfully for their marriages? What a big joke. They are not aware of the foolishness of their thoughts. This guy is kinda old,50 somthing? This girl is young,25 something. Both of them have a long way to go in their lives.Will they be happy for the rest of their life if they think of another person instead of their own wife and husband? They insult and cheated on them. I knew this movie is not indicating to talking about marriage. It's just a incident which many of us might confront in life at certain ages. I knew the director is a good director,I admit it,however,I still hate it badly...Ridiculous indeed...I don't want to be offensive,Im just trying to be honest...You can watch the movie,but you can not believe some parts of it. If you do,then...I will hate the movie just more...

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