Lost Creator & Kind on Windows server



We have 5 Macs, with OS 10.2.8, 1 G5 wiith OS 10.3.2 and numerous PCs all using a Windows 2000 server and the new G5 is having a real problem with any file on the server. From the G5 the files have all lost their creater and kind. An extension of .eps says that it's a "NSPostScriptPboardType" file, even though some are Illustrator eps and some are Photoshop eps. Quark files come up as "Unix Executable File". It takes some doing, but I have figured out how to force the Quark files to open, but when I update or place any of the eps, they come up with no preview. If I save the file in Quark, the file looks fine on the G5, but on the other Macs the new Quark file comes up as a text document. We are all running Quark 6. At first I thought this was a G5 or a 10.3.2 issue, but the old iMac running 10.2.8 was doing the same thing before it died. I'm still of the opinion that it's either something on the Mac (that I can change) or something on the Server... Any ideas?


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