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Looking for some good memory for g4 ibook

Apr 7, 2007
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What's up.
I have just bought a g4 ibook 14-inch. It is the 1.33MHZ 80 ghd. It comes with only 512 memory. I have done some research and if I am not wrong i can max it out to 1.25. Is this correct. I need to know where I can get some reputable memory for a fair price. I have read it has built in memory of 512??? is that right. Also read two different places that one person says it has two slots for memory another says one slot. What is the correct answer. I know I could just look at this, but I just bought it today off of ebay, I should have it by end of week. So I am loooking to get other stuff like maxing out the memory. So when I get it I can just install it. What are some good brands, what should I expect to pay about. I think they are like around 80-90 for a 1 gig strip. I do not rember the manufacture.
Thanks all!!!

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