Looking for particular feature in picture viewer software.

Feb 23, 2010
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Back in the day I used to have a PC, When I purchased it, I also picked up a scanner that had a software package called Photomagic.

There was one particular feature that I loved on it. If for example you had 10 Images open in the main window. You clicked full screen mode. All 10 images would show up on a black background tiled. You could then drag the images to wherever you wanted to on the black background by clicking and holding the mouse button over the pic. You could also click on the corner of the picture and resize individual images thus creating a really cool collage. You could overlap images as well as stretch then.

I have been desperately searching for a os x image viewer that can do this.
The only search that I've been able to find is " Antechinus Photo Magic 6.0" and according to their website you can "create a slideshow of all the images in one folder..." This is what I want, but alas, only available in Windows OS.

If anyone can help me locate software that has this feature, I will be greatly appreciated.

Freeware, shareware or what have you. as long as I can demo it.

Thank You.

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