Locating files problem in Leopard

Sep 9, 2008
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A couple problems plague me since my switch to 10.5.4, but these only started since I hooked up Time Machine, which I now wonder if it is involved? (Under Stoplight it shows continual Indexing of both my iMac drive and my iBook drive which are on the same external HD.)

Document and image files simply disappear from the desktop after being saving to it. I can also go into the iMac HD and drag the file to the desktop, but it immediately disappears! Neither Com-F nor Spotlight can find most jpeg files anymore, even when the exact name of the file is put in and "images" selected in Com-F. I've tried spaces, hyphens between words but it can't seem to identify anything anymore. Could it be Time Machine prevents it from working? But where are the films missing on my desktop? If I process an image in Elements and save to desktop it does go there. (I'm NOT using Spaces, which caused similar problems.)

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