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Jul 24, 2010
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Now that I have 2 MacBooks, I decided to run Lion on the MBP, and continue to use Snow on the MB to run some rosetta apps I have. I am planning on doing a clean install of Lion via USB. Last time I downloaded Lion, it was version 10.7.1. If I download Lion again from the app store, will it be 10.7.2, or am I just redownloading 10.7.1?

Also, My Win7 partition is just fine, but with Microsoft's liscensing, I want to limit my reinstalls. Can I use super-duper! to clone the bootcamp partition, then use it again to restore it? Will the same thing go for my linux partition?

I do have a generic 40GB USB HDD for storing images etc. Any additional advice?


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Jan 23, 2008
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As far as I'm aware, SuperDuper will only clone HFS+ drives and partitions. (I just verified that from their web site.) So you will need other software to backup or clone the Windows and Linux partitions.

Windows 7 has a built in backup program which will clone (image) the partition to an external NTFS formatted drive. I'm not up on which programs can do the same for Linux but you can dig around and find something or ask in the Ubuntu forums.

I don't know if a clean install of Lion will destroy the Windows 7 boot sector and Linux GRUB, but there is a chance that both will be unable to boot after the install. One of the dangers and headaches about have dual or triple booting systems and doing a reinstall.

That's why I highly recommend using virtual software instead. With Fusion or Parallels you won't have to deal with that.

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