Lion problems

Nov 2, 2011
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Hi recently upgarded a Mac to Lion and I have a few problems.

our network setup is a MS Windows SBS 2008 server serving exchange DNS DHCP etc.

Having upgraded to Lion from Snow Leeopard I can no longer use Mail or Safari.

Safari just hangs after about 5 minutes of normal use without warning or without any discernible pattern (i.e. particular pages etc)

Mail will not connect to my Exchange mailbox, I just get "Traversing mailbox Hierarchy" i left it running for 24 hours and it got nowhere

Oddly if i take the Mac away from the office it works fine.

We have several other Mac's running Lion with no problems so I can't think that it is an issue with the server but it is very odd that it only exhibits the problem when inside the office network.

I have a suspicion that a bad certificate file/security setting is causing the problem, but finding it seems to be a needle in a haystack. Apple's support couldn't offer much help either.

Steps that I have done.
Verify Macintosh HD
Repair Permissions
Delete all Safari Add ins
Safe boot (Safari worked but Mail did not)
Clear all Safari and Mail prefs
Set up new user account
Reinstall OSX

There's probably more but I have been working on this for 2 days now and it is driving me mad! none of which have been able to resolve the issue

The next step seems to be an erase and fresh install of the OS which ideally i do not want to do.

Can anyone offer any further suggestions?



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