Linksys WET11 bridge issues



Well, I got a Linksys WET11 bridge for Christmas, unfortunately. I don't know what the problem is but it won't communicate with my Airport Bas station. I followed their online instructions to the letter, several times, and it still doesn't work. I tried to contact Tech support twice, sat on hold both times for over 20 minutes, and never spoke to another human. I sent an email to the support team and they responded telling mr to consult the website. Gee thanks, did that and still no dice.

So now I am hoping that someone here has had this problem and can help me. If it isn't up and running by Sunday night, it is going back and I'll try to use a Netgear Bridge.

If that fails I don't know what to do,

P.S.- I am using this to connect my Xbox and PS2 to the network, also using a linksys switch. There is no issue there, it works fine when connected directly to the cable modem.



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