linksys router, DSL, and macs (G4 and Powerbook)



Problem: Using an 802.11b Linksys wireless router to connect wireless to my powerbook and via wire ethernet to my G4 desktop.

I just purchased a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless B router for my home (as this is the same router used in my local coffee house and works well with my G3 Wallstreet powerbook via my Orinoco card). However, I also need to maintain my hardwire ethernet DSL connection to my G4 desktop (as it does not have an Airport card installed). My powerbook seems to work, but I can't get my G4 to connect. My present configuration is a DSL connection via phone line through my DSL modem and via ethernet to the Linksys router and then via ethernet directly through one of the router ports to my G4 desktop. Any suggestions on how to make both my wireless and hardwired macs work? Thanks!

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