Leopard Boot Camp Drivers Will Not Install

Jul 15, 2008
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After several days researching on the internet, I have been unable to solve the following issue.

When I use the Leopard install DVD to install the Boot Camp drivers in Windows Vista Business, only some of the drivers install.

Specifically, I can not hear any audio, the wireless card has an exclamation point in device manager, and the keyboard functionality options are not available.

I found several articles online that reference using the "Windows Driver CD" that you can burn from older versions of Boot Camp. In my version of Leopard, there is no way to burn a Windows Driver CD. You are just supposed to use the Leopard Install DVD.

I even tried the command line to unpack the drivers with out installing them to manually update, but this failed also.

I finally broke down and called Apple support. Believe it or not, the technician actually informed me to contact Microsoft. I was amazed. The only solution he offered was to try to repair the installation, which did not work, and then after that to uninstall and reinstall the drivers. When that did not work, he consulted a Level 2 tech who said that was all the support they could provide and I should contact M$.

I lost a lot of respect for Apple today.

If anyone can please point me to an article or forum where it describes how to manually unpack the drivers from the Leopard DVD, or some other way to get the drivers loaded into Vista I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.
Mar 2, 2007
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St Helens, OR, USA
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MacBook CoreDuo 2Ghz 768M RAM
Your frustration and anger is misdirected.
Why are you surprised that Apple told you to call Microsoft?
You're installing WINDOWS. A Microsoft product.
Apple provides support for Apple products, NOT microsoft - their competitor.
Apple is providing the drivers for the Windows/bootcamp side of things as a courtesy. They don't HAVE to do it in order for you to run a competing operating system on their hardware.

Have you seen all the news/reviews/reports about how much of a piece of crap Windows Vista is and how a lot of hardware doesn't work with it (not to mention software, etc)

Go in to Apple system info, get all the details on hardware, contact microsoft and ask them why hardware item x,y and z is not working with Vista...

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