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Legal music downloads beat CD sales

Jun 11, 2003
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Mount Vernon, WA
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Source: MacMinute.com

Legal music downloads beat CD sales
November 4, 2003 - 14:49 EST Almost twice as many singles were purchased in digital format online than were bought on CDs from stores, according to a new report. Some 7.7 million tracks were bought and downloaded in the US since the end of June, compared with four million CD singles sold, Billboard magazine reported. "But some say online and CD single sales cannot be compared because so few singles are now released on CD," notes BBC News. "Record companies have cut CD single releases because of falling sales, but fans can choose from 500,000 songs for $0.99 each on some internet services."

My Comments: Well that makes sense.. it would be hard to compare the two, but still interesting :)

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